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Mireya Bautista


She lost 173 to 148 pounds with the help of Gloria Weight Loss Spa, with her willpower.

Taking care of her weight and figure was essential to have a lifestyle, health, beauty and well-being under the advice of our specialist Gloria Rodriguez.

She chooses to feel better, much more active and wanting to eat the world with just one decision.

Come, contact us, choose the best path for your life and at Gloria Weight Loss Spa we will help you achieve it!

Like her, you can transform your life!

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Jairo Correa


He took on the challenge of a healthy lifestyle in
Gloria Weight Loss Spa and has lost over 70 pounds.

She proved that men can also achieve great results with our personalized, alternative and natural program.

You too can achieve these advances, you just have to have the passion and the will to transform your life.

It is time to contact us and embark on a new path of health that transforms your image and attitude towards life.

How he You can achieve new goals!

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Luz Estella Bejarano


She started our program in 2012 and in just six weeks lost 35 pounds; Today, he continues his path in weight loss and reduction measures naturally.

She maintains an extraordinary healthy life with the Gloria Weight Loss Spa constant maintenance program.

It is the moment to make decisions, your mind, emotions and body need to be in harmony to project both health and beauty.

Take her example and start to improve your life. Visit us! Your body will thank you

Like her, you can look healthy!

Do you want to achieve your goals and be ?

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Jairo Guzman


She started on the path to a healthier life with Gloria Weight Loss Spa and lost more than 11 pounds in a month and a half.

He made the decision to take care of her health and in a short time he obtained incredible results that changed his lifestyle.

Remember that our nutritional program is totally natural, alternative and personalized according to your daily habits and physiognomy.

Like Jairo, dare to give a healthy turn to your life, your body will thank you.

Like him, you can achieve immediate results!

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Brigytt Ramírez


She begins her treatment at Gloria Weight Loss Spa weighing 178 pounds and loses 18 pounds in two months. She then continues with us for another month and ends up weighing 149 pounds, that’s how in a few weeks she lost about 29 pounds naturally and alternatively.

Taking care of her weight and her figure was essential to have a lifestyle of health, beauty and well-being under the advice of our specialist Gloria Rodríguez.

Forget about exhausting physical exercises, extreme diets, painful surgeries and risky medications.

If you want to lose weight and reduce measures with us, schedule your appointment and take on the challenge of a healthy lifestyle!

Like her, you can change your figure!

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Sandra Escobar


Our friend lost about 26 pounds on her last program in just ten weeks, naturally and alternatively, without affecting her lifestyle.

Eight years ago, she undertook the challenge of nutrition, health and well-being with the advice of our specialist Gloria Rodríguez.

At Gloria Weight Loss Spa she transformed her life and changed her habits without affecting her health.

She remembers to schedule an appointment at our establishment and begins to project health, beauty and happiness.

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